Freedom Must Be Created

Freedom Must Be Created Grant Cardone Strategy of the Week

I hope your weekend is awesome and gets you closer to your massive goals. Memorial Day is a celebration of our freedom and independence where we go to the beach, we barbeque, we shoot off fireworks and we remember those who have given their lives to keep our country safe. The reality of our country

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Takeaways from Millions on the Phone

Strategy of the Week Millions on the Phone

Hey, I hope you’re dominating this week! Congratulations to the thousands that attended the webcast! In case you were not able to attend, I wanted to make sure you had some takeaways from the event. I opened the video webcast comparing the wrong call to the right call. People have actually told me, “Your ‘wrong

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The Most Powerful Tool for Business

Strategy of the Week: Phone Grant Cardone Sales Training

My friends, fans and clients on Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have asked me to put together a program on how to more effectively use the phone to grow their business. Because my current schedule it is impossible for me to do seminars across the entire country like I used to. That’s why I

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