Raise Your Awareness on Customer Service


Look, you must exceed your customer’s expectations and deliver outstanding customer service. The greats control the service—not the customer. Don’t delegate it to someone else. Give excellent customer service before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. See service as opportunity. A big part of great customer service is minding your manners. Most

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When Will You Become a Millionaire?

When Will You Become a Millionaire? - Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Look, Millionaire is the new middle-class. It’s time to get your money right. Things are changing fast. Would you borrow a million dollars to become a millionaire? Would you invest $1m to become a millionaire? This Saturday at 11 AM EST I am delivering a LIVE one-time event codifying the routes on How You Can

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The Journey or the Destination?

Strategy of the Week: The Journey or the Destination? - Grant Cardone

Look, how many times have you been told by someone that “cute” little saying that dismisses the importance of success, like “success is a journey, not a destination.” Please! Success isn’t just a “journey,” as countless people and books suggest it is; rather, it’s a state over which you have control and responsibility. You either

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You Need to Prospect

You Need to Prospect - Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Look, people claim how well they can speak but what does it matter if there’s no one to listen? Most people that want to speak to audiences are not willing to do what it takes to get the audience. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you want to sell and

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Sales Training: Truth or Fiction?

Sales Training: Truth or Fiction? by Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Look, the subject of selling, like any other subject, is full of false information that has been perpetuated over the years. This false data may be partly responsible for the poor impression people have of sales, a true profession and very needed life skill. “False data” is information that is not factual, but is accepted

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Salespeople Are Made, Not Born

Strategy of the Week: Salespeople Are Made, Not Born by Grant Cardone

Look, every pro trains. Athletes are made through training. Doctors are made through training. Salespeople are made through training. I was 25 and I hated selling, I hated the phone, I hated prospecting, and I hated everything to do with sales. I even hated the fact that I had to tell people I was a salesperson.

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Pledge of Abundance


The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 four hundred years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Today, put your hand over your heart and recite: I pledge allegiance to the creation of success, and to my family’s success for which I stand, with liberty and freedom available for all. Look, you need more—more than just

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Interview Fails

Job Interview Fails - Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Many people misunderstand the whole “Whatever It Takes” thing. I don’t need wack-wacks, I don’t need crazies. I need people who can get the job done ethically, not people that take shortcuts. I get nutzos and crazies coming into my office all the time. I need people who are focused. I’m sick of hiring people

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The 10X Super Life


Around the office today, people are talking about the newest blockbuster Batman vs. Superman and how their basketball brackets are doing. They will then go back to their desks and start watching cat videos and playing candy crush or farm games. It’s Spring cleaning time, and that means you need to clean up your work

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It Takes Courage to Make Money

It Takes Courage to Make Money - Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

It doesn’t take money to make money. It takes courage to make money. You have got to step outside the box and sacrifice fun today for freedom tomorrow. Are you at the club more often than the bank? Prior to 2008, I wasn’t getting my financial house in order because I was playing golf three times

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