No Negativity Allowed Here!

No Negativity Allowed Here! by Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Look, I often tell people that service is senior and what I mean is that serving is the ingredient necessary for someone to know they are being taken care of, not being taken advantage of. Concern yourself with your customer, not your paycheck. Be interested in them, not interested in you. This service thing has to

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Great Salespeople Are Obsessed

Great Salespeople Are Obsessed by Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Hey, who are the greats? Muhammad Ali said, “I am the greatest,” even before he was considered the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Michael Jordan, Beethoven, Steve Jobs, Peyton Manning—you know these names because they were—or arguably were—the greatest at what they did. You know my name because I am the greatest at what I

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Why The Middle-Class is Broke

Why the Middle Class is Broke by Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Look, I grew up middle class and we only had just enough money to get by. We were never hungry or wanted for much, but I experienced my mom always fearful about money. I remember watching mom clip coupons, looking for the best deals, and always worried the money wouldn’t go far enough. At the

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Success Rewards Preparation

Success Rewards Preparation by Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Always, always, always be prepared. Nowhere else is this truer than in the world of sales. Be prepared for EVERY possible question, objection, stall, obstacle, delay, and customer question possible. Every time I ever hear something new from a client that I have not heard before, I write it down and then in my private

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Why Don’t People Buy?

"Why Don't People Buy?" by Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Why does someone drive to your retail showroom, call you, or hit your website and then not buy? There are buyer types and there are common reasons people don’t buy. You could have one or a combination of the following: they’re not qualified; they can’t disclose information due to personal issues; they’re not decision makers;

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3 Tips to Dominate with Follow-Up


Look, most people don’t know that 63% of people requesting information on your product will not purchase for 3 months. That means for 2/3 of your clients you need to be paying attention to you for 90 days. 20% won’t buy for more than a year. 83% of people are not buying anything for somewhere

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One time my wife, who was my fiancé at the time, thought she would surprise me by taking me skydiving for the first time. She had jumped three times and was going to try to scare me by giving me a surprise jump for my birthday. I didn’t know the first thing about jumping, and

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Prospecting 101


You need cutting-edge prospecting strategies to obtain and develop leads to ensure you can grow your business in any economy, but before you can get to the advanced stuff, you have to learn and understand the basics of prospecting. This skill will make you an invaluable asset to your company. Learn what prospecting is and

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