5 Rules of Closing (the Sale)

5 Secrets to Closing (the Sale) by Grant Cardone Strategy of the Week

Hey, these days there are too many salespeople spending too much time selling and no time closing. These two things—selling and closing—are completely different arts. Selling requires you to sell features, options and get emotional involvement. The close requires persistence and logic to make sense of getting your customer to make a decision. Closing directs

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5 Business Tips to Go From Startup to Grownup

5 Business Tips to Go From Startup to Grownup Grant Cardone Strategy of the Week

Look, whether you’re excited about your brand new startup or you’re starting to lose excitement from objections, conflict, lost revenue or a bad business plan—none of that matters. The reality is you can’t grow your startup to a grownup without operating with urgency, utilizing your haters, staying focused and growing your business. If you have

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How to Find a Mentor

How to Find a Mentor Grant Cardone Strategy of the Week

Hey, it’s Friday and I hope you’re celebrating your freedom—TGIF—Thank God I’m Free! You’ve been killing it all week, don’t stop because others will be going out to bars, clubs, the beach and wasting time when they haven’t reached a level of success to give them that kind of free time. If you’re going to

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12 Reasons You Should Be an Entrepreneur

12 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur Grant Cardone Strategy of the Week

Look, there are roughly 36 million articles on the Internet today that suggest entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. These same articles list common traits many successful people possess, such as persistence, persuasiveness, discipline and a strong work ethic. For over 25 years I have studied successful entrepreneurs and found that what contributed to their massive success

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Increase Sales Skills and Reduce Expenses

Increase Sales Skills and Reduce Expenses Grant Cardone

Look, every day the economy gets faster and more brutal. Organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs need every edge they can get and sales revenue is the core of growing their business. And never before has being in executive management been more delicate—working out how to improve the sales skills of your people while keeping the expenses

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How to Save the American Dream

Strategy of the Week: How to Save the American Dream

Look, after the economic downturn many Americans realized that the average way they had been living and working is no longer sustainable. They realized that even though this average level of activity built the middle class in the past, it is now a failing formula. The middle class, the “American Dream,” is the most suppressed

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How to Use Criticism for Your Success


Look, success is limited only by how much attention you can get for yourself, your products, and your ideas. The right level of attention—10X Attention—will always attract criticism and haters. While criticism is not enjoyed, it should be anticipated when trying to get your projects known. The longevity of a project is determined by the

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The 10X Rule, A Sales Game Changer

The 10X Rule, A Sales Game Changer - Grant Cardone

  Hey, I don’t want your life to be filled with average people wishing for average things and taking average actions! You need a life filled with dominators, game changers, and people taking massive 10Xactions. You need to test your own limits and you will be amazed at your abilities and your true potential. Are

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Overcome the Budget Roadblock

Overcome Roadblocks Grant Cardone 4th of July

Hey, it’s 4th of July weekend. Every year Americans celebrate their freedom and independence by shooting off fireworks, barbecues and heading to the beach. But in a country known as ‘the land of the free’ the reality is most people are not free! Living paycheck to paycheck is not freedom! Being an American also doesn’t

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10 Biggest Money Mistakes

Strategy of the Week: 10 Biggest Money Mistakes Grant Cardone

Look, something is clearly not working for most of the middle class of America regarding their money. This is the time of year when you and those around you could be tempted to take a break—go out for a drink, spend a weekend at the beach, BBQ with your friends. It reminds me of the

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