There are an estimated 1.7 billion social media users worldwide. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have bought into it and you should too. Your business and revenue depends on your ability to reach as many people as possible. Social media has helped me expand my business but it takes effort. Most people wonder how best to use it to gain “followers,” “subscribers” and “likes.” Well, like anything else, you have to apply The 10X Rule to social media to get attention for your product and service. Here’s how.

First let’s get clear on the purpose of social media.

  1. When used consistently and frequently, it helps you become top-of-mind with customers.
  2. It allows you to become an “expert” or a “celebrity” in your space.
  3. You can control your reputation and engage with customers to solve problems and answer questions.
  4. It can drive people to your website and offer a call to action.

Many companies get caught up in measurement and analysis of the return on investment in social media. The fact is that social media does not generally function as an engine for direct sales. Abandon this idea of ROI and just use social media as a way to build strong brand awareness.

It’s important to understand social media, who uses it and how they use it, so you can communicate effectively. According to the January 2014 issue of Social Economics:

58% of all people are on some social media site and 98% are between the ages of 18-24.

56% are on Facebook (11% of world population)

14% are on LinkedIn

11% are on Twitter

9% are on Google+

The average American spends 7.6 hours per month on social media.

YouTube, while not considered a social media platform, has 490 million unique visits per month with 2.9 billion hours viewed. That is a LOT of eyes.

YouTube has proven to be a powerful tool for my business. Every business should be posting videos of their products and services and positioning themselves as experts in their chosen professions. It gets you, your brand and services attention on a bigger level. My office is contacted for products and services from people around the world. When asked how they found me, “YouTube” is the most common response.

Social media is NOT a waste of time. I once thought this, but quickly saw the potential and power it had. The only businesses having problems or not gaining enough from social media are the ones:

  1. Not using it
  2. Not using it correctly
  3. Not using it enough
  4. Not using all of the platforms

A lot of people are concerned about what they should post. They often get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Or they give up before understanding what kind of posts work. When posting to social media apply the rule of “AGES.”

  1. Awareness (Generate it.)
  2. Give (Share content that offers value.)
  3. Educate
  4. Shares (Post information that you think others will share.)

FACEBOOK   (Fan Page)

  1. Create a “like” page for your business.
  2. Add images and create a look and feel for your page.
  3. Be clear on the page’s purpose and what the viewer will expect to get when they visit the page.
  4. Commit to posting throughout the day.


  1. Create your page.
  2. Write a clear description and include your email or website.
  3. Have a distinct voice and purpose.
  4. Frequency. (Post Hourly)
  5. Retweet others. This shares information and gets you more followers.

As most of you know by now, I hammer at all different social media platforms. I made a 10X level commitment to use social media creatively and effectively so that when people think sales, they think Grant Cardone. Do the same and watch your business grow.

Be great.  Nothing else pays.

You Must Gain and Maintain Control


Do you want more or less control? The more you can control the more you can have.

So the next time someone calls you a ‘control freak’ take it as a compliment. ‘Control Freak’ is yet another label that slams the successful work ethic that should be celebrated, not negated. In order to provide for your family, your business and yourself, you must have control. The entrepreneur, CEO, manager, or sales person that wakes up everyday in control and exerts control through out the day, will over time, create more great opportunities and a strong personal economy. The market place is much too dangerous not to be in control. Your career, your business, your health, finances, family, and your future are determined by your ability to exert control. The greater your skills in any area the more control you will have. Losing control of a situation is an indication of a shortage of skills and know-how. No matter how good you currently are at your position you can always become a little better and have a little more control.

When you feel things are out of control and you are trying to improve your condition, first start with what you can control, the point of origin, to be exact…you. You may not be able to handle other people in that moment but you can handle yourself. What skills do you need to improve upon? If you are in sales and an appointment doesn’t show up, don’t make the customer wrong. Ask yourself what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen. Start with you. Work on confirming appointments with my famous “lock close” and also work on having your pipeline full. You can find information on this in my New York Times bestselling prospecting and follow up book and program, If You’re Not FirstYou’re Last.

When you want to increase control do the following:

  1. Look at YOU
  2. Discover what skills you can improve.
  3. Don’t blame the environment or others, just strengthen your abilities.

Want to take your life to the next level? You are already wildly successful but if you’re looking for the GAME CHANGER - WORK ON YOU!

I am passionate about those people who are never satisfied and never settle.
Be GREAT nothing else pays.

How Outsourcing Affects You


A topic in the workforce that really gets people fired up is that of automation and outsourcing. While technology is a great thing and can help broaden one’s reach, there are things you MUST continue to do for yourself. Your hustle can never be outsourced and it’s critical that you perform at high 10X levels to succeed and remain valuable in the marketplace. You don’t want to be replaced by a robot do you?

Outsourcing and automation are wreaking havoc on all sorts of jobs throughout our economy. Add to that millions of jobs being sent overseas eliminating not just jobs but entire industries. Big brand companies cut their work forces by 2.9 million in the US and hired 2.4 overseas. Manufacturing jobs collapsed from 19.5 million to 11 million. Manufacturing plants shrunk by 12% nationwide and these were stable middle class jobs and the driving force of US economy. When they go away the middle class suffers. Now more than ever you need to step up to show your value.

Here are some important things to know:

  1. No one can get rid of your job but you.
  2. Companies and individuals are becoming too dependent upon this concept of outsourcing and delegating.
  3. Outsourcing has become the new norm and it will only intensify.
  4. Understand that if you aren’t exceptional, you will be outsourced.
  5. Premature outsourcing or delegation will come back to bite you.
  6. Know your job inside and out and become the expert.
  7. Write down what you know and tell others what you know on social media and blogs. Get noticed for your knowledge.

There is a time to outsource. If you are a major corporation or successful company trying to scale and can outsource to provide better margins and a better experience, do so. The problem is that too many small entrepreneurs are trying to do the same thing and with different motivation. They are outsourcing because they don’t want to do the work!

Everyone wants to delegate the tasks that seem tedious or menial and everyone wants to be in power. The thinking is to duplicate yourself and this does work but only when you absolutely have mastered the task yourself. Even then you need to teach someone to do it at exceptional levels and oversee that they are doing so. Delegate all you want, but in the end you need to make the phone calls and be on the front lines solving problems.

Man invents a machine to make life easier, and then that machine reduces the need for man’s work. Ultimately, it frees humans up to work on higher-value tasks. Right now, the great fear is that robots are taking over jobs faster than humans can adjust. So what will you do today to be better than a robot? How will you show your value? Do more and remember the best way to move up to higher tasks and more responsibility is to master the tasks you already have.

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Be great, nothing else pays.

Is being broke your new normal?


Are you settling for less money in your account and less freedom? Be honest with yourself, earning less and having less than you deserve is a form of being broke.

The reality is too many people are making sense of not having enough. Most people are better at getting rid of money than getting money. I don’t want this to happen to you.

Living paycheck-to-paycheck has become even more common in this economy because most people are operating with bad information. Too many people earn too little and spend too much.

It is no wonder to me that people are having such a hard time. The media twists the public so hard that most people don’t know what to do, so they do nothing. Check this recent data out from The Wall Street Journal.

Consumer confidence jumped this March as people become more upbeat about future job prospects. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index rose to 82.3, up from 78.3 in February. More recently the index had dropped moderately in February after increases in January and December. This is the highest reading since January 2008.

The world was about to come to an end in 2008! This is supposed to suggest certainty but it’s a weak comparison, giving you a false sense of security and a green light to spend.

Kit Yarrow, a professor of marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco and author of a new book, Decoding the New Consumer Mind interviewed thousands of consumers about their retail habits and says, “Consumers are indicating that uncertainty is the new normal, and they’re demonstrating resilience.” She goes on to suggest that despite uncertainty people are willing to spend money.

This is a good sign for sellers, entrepreneurs and hustlers but very bad news for consumers. This will prove to be a terrible time for those that lack discipline with spending money and come up short on producing it.

Few facts to get your attention:

  1. 34% all people born into the middle class will fall into poverty as an adult.
  2. 62% of all Americans have no emergency funds.
  3. Average American savings account is $3800.
  4. 82% of population concerned they won’t have enough money at retirement.

This is not meant to bring you down but to wake you up. Now is the time to out-produce your competition, squeeze ink out of every opportunity, increase your income, work those extra angles and tighten your spending. Now is the time to be the seller not the spender. All your energy and efforts should be about getting the money not getting rid of it.

Warren Buffett says,“If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you do need.” I created a list of ridikulous items people spend money on. That’s right, so ridikulous that I had to spell the word wrong.

  1. Designer water! – You went to dinner for food not water.
  2. 22-inch wheels. – Look at me!
  3. Cigarettes – When you’re smoking, you aren’t calling.
  4. Fast Food – You will never meet a client at the drive through.
  5. Strippers/Gambling – C’mon man…
  6. Sugar Crush Levels – Spend more time unlocking the next level than learning your craft.
  7. ATM Charges – You shouldn’t have access to an ATM password.
  8. Interest on Credit Card – Never, never, never pay interest.
  9. Lottery Tickets – You aren’t that lucky.
  10. Desserts – You’ve already over eaten.
  11. 32 oz. Steaks – No one needs that.
  12. Groupon Offers – They go unused.
  13. Nursery for Infants – Trying to impress Grandma.

Make a list of your own RIDIKULOUS items and when you get tempted to purchase them know that you should have your attention on getting more money not getting rid of it. The only money I spend these days are on ways to increase my exposure, my brand, my income and grow my businesses. Then when I hit targets we go out every once and awhile and celebrate! Remember now is your time to get it not get rid of it!

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“Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.”

Dumb Thoughts Make Dangerous People!


The only thing holding any of us back is how we think, what we say, and what we do or don’t do! This is certainly true about me in my life.

As I look back, I see that it has been my thinking and limited ideas that has most been in the way of me achieving higher levels of success. The true game changer is when you learn how not to pay attention to these limiting thoughts and choose to think differently.

The old adage, “as a man thinketh – he doeth” is true. What you think is very powerful, revealing and ultimately what you will or will not do in your life. If you pay attention, you will hear people say some of the dumbest things and most are not even aware of what they are saying.

People seem to blindly adopt concepts from parents, teachers, friends, the media, politicians, co-workers and then reinforce them by sharing them.

Here is a list of commonly held social beliefs that can result in bad attitudes, confusion, laziness, irresponsibility and production levels beneath your true potential:

  1. Patience is a virtue.
  2. I just want to be comfortable.
  3. Money won’t make you happy.
  4. It’s the journey not the destination that matters.
  5. I don’t have time.
  6. I’m living the dream.
  7. I will do it when I get to it.
  8. That’s impossible.
  9. Time heals.
  10. We can’t do that.
  11. It takes money to make money.
  12. I hate paying taxes.
  13. Thank God it’s Friday.
  14. Can’t wait for the weekend to get here.
  15. I hate Monday’s.
  16. We can’t find good people.
  17. Debt is bad.
  18. I need to save more money.
  19. It’s not my fault.
  20. I will be happy when…
  21. I am too old (or too young)
  22. It is what it is.
  23. I don’t like to read.
  24. That’s not my job.
  25. I’m not a sales person.

People who think and say dumb things will do dumb things. And these people should not be labeled dumb, they should be marked dangerous! They are dangerous because they infect those around them with their thinking and can limit what an entire group can do.

When I realize I am operating with some dumb, outdated idea I do the following:

  1. Write it down.
  2. Label it as dumb.
  3. Replace with a new idea.

The more we recognize our own limiting beliefs and switch our thinking, the more success we will achieve.

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“Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.”

Take Risks or Risk It All


Americans are becoming risk averse and it is the riskiest thing you can do. There needs to be a paradigm shift. Either take risks or put yourself at risk. I played it safe in life. It didn’t do much for me. Then, I started taking some really big risks and started making big wins. You must take risks too, especially in these times and here’s why.

As soon as I started to take risks, I noticed more change, growth and opportunity. At 23 I got off the unemployment line and took a sales job. I knew nothing about sales but I knew my current situation wasn’t getting me anywhere so I took a risk and tried sales. I then left a sales job for a consulting job in Chicago, another risk. I moved countless times to different cities, which in itself, is a risk.

Once I became ok with the risky notion of moving for opportunity, it became a no brainer. I left the consulting job in Chicago to start my own business taking me to Houston, then La Jolla, California. At that point, I invested my entire life savings in my first real estate deal. Looking back, that was some serious risk but I took the risk because I knew my future depended, not on the money I had saved, but on what I’d do with it to make even more money… and that is where the risk comes in.

Understand these 5 key things when it comes to risk and investment.

  1. Taking risk is the new way to avoid risk.
  2. Working to earn more money isn’t greedy. It’s your duty.
  3. Save your money to reinvest in future income flows. (Saved money depreciates and only offers a false sense of security.)
  4. Invest in income-producing assets.
  5. Replenish and repeat!

Most Middle Class people were raised with the same values and messages about money and risk. “Be careful, just get a secure job, don’t get too much attention, just play it safe.” You must understand this old way of thinking doesn’t serve you in this new economy. So take some risks and watch things start to change. I dedicated my recent episode of The Cardone Zone to this topic, where I go into greater detail. You can watch the full episode here:

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Be great! Nothing else pays.

Are You Ready to Accelerate?


Guys, this is huge. You have to get in on this. asked me to present at the 2014 Sales Acceleration Summit, the largest B2B sales event ever. I’ll be one of 80 sales experts at the largest virtual sales summit online and… it’s free!

This full day, online event will offer you fast 15-minute presentations with practical tips and insights to get you fired up about sales and rethink typical approaches. It’s about sales “acceleration” and you all know how important speed and time is in sales.

This event will be live from 8:30am to 3:00pm PST on Thursday, March 13th and you can register for it here for free:

As one of my Strategy of the Week VIP’s, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of just a few points I’ll share during my presentation on the 13th.

  1. Sales is senior to everything. Sales is the most important thing to your brand, company and income. Until I made selling the MOST important thing, I was not effective. I’ll give more tips on the 13th.
  2. The 3 A’s attitude, approach and action are the only reason you won’t make a sale. It is never about the product, the price, the budget, ever! During my presentation I’ll share practical ways you can master these “3 A’s” and help get your sales game on point.
  3. Frequent before good. When making inside sales you cannot get great until you become frequent. This is coming from a sales trainer that is telling you that training will not make you great if you don’t increase your activity first. On the 13th learn how to maximize call volume, lead generation, efficiency and increased profits.

This is exactly why I created a cloud based sales training university so inside sales teams, call centers, and sales professionals could have access to sales motivation, sales coaching, sales training and sales correction 24/7.

At the end of my presentation I share some facts about how much follow up is required for salespeople to make those extra sales that makes selling fun and worthwhile. Did you know 48% of all sales people never call a customer back and that most sales are made between call 5-12? Sales people don’t follow up and don’t persist in follow up for one reason and one reason only. If you want to know what that one reason is, register for the Sales Acceleration Summit 2014 here:

Be great! Nothing else pays.

Never Trust One Flow


The most successful people use multiple flows of income to create financial freedom. Warren Buffet doesn’t have one investment or even one company. He depends on many. Successful salespeople should never depend on one appointment, a few customers or just one product line. I talk about this extensively in The 10X Rule which, by the way, just this week, hit the top 10 list of books to read on Listly.

People fail in finance and in business because they depend on too few flows. A guy works his whole life depending on one salary and never creates other flows until too late in his life. People also fail in business for the very same reason – not enough flows to ensure success in business. This is when you become too dependent on one or two product lines or too few customers. Salespeople fail because they only have one appointment and limited number of ancillary products to sell to their customers.

The most common mistake made when creating multiple flows of income is walking away from the current one.

Building financial freedom, a successful business or a great sales career all require multiple flows of income and opportunities. Before you quit your job and join a multi-level marketing company there are a few things you need to know.

The most common mistake made when creating multiple flows of income is walking away from the current one. The next most common mistake is moving to secondary flows of money or customers that are NOT similar to the first.

Never turn your back on the primary flows until the latter flows are so strong that nothing can possibly destroy or erode them. The same thing holds true when growing your customer base – never turn your back on your main customers.

When I was 25 years old, I was a successful automobile salesperson that wanted to increase my income flows. I got involved with a multi-level marketing company and failed at it because it required me to shift attention from my main job that was paying my bills. It’s hard to show up for the multi-level meeting at 7pm when I had a customer that wanted to buy a car at the same time.


The solution was to move to similar products or flows similar to the main thing I was already doing. I started to learn about other products that I could add to a car purchase and/or sell to people who weren’t interested in buying a new car but in enhancing their existing one.

Create multiple flows to ensure your success and when expanding, start with things that are similar. If you want more appointments to show up, then don’t depend on one appointment but back them up three deep all at the same time. This will create a new problem when they all show up on time. It’s always better to have too many appointments.

The Rules for creating multiple flows:

  1. Never depend on one flow.
  2. Never turn your back on the main flow you have.
  3. When moving to multiple flows go similar first.

I’m working on a full article on creating multiple flows of income. For more information on this, call my office.

Be great! Nothing else pays.

Ready to Get Honest?

Before you can truly be honest with others, you must be totally honest with yourself. It all starts with you. Sure you can claim to be honest with others but unless you are honest with yourself first, you can’t be honest with the rest of the world.

You’re dealing with yourself every day. You know what you wish to accomplish, the things on your to do list. You also know what cycles are incomplete and the areas where you must push harder. Maybe you beat yourself up a little bit when you think of these things. Good! That’s you getting honest with yourself.

We all have our own little honesty meter that calls us out on our own dishonesty. It’s that little pang we get when we hit the snooze instead of waking up to exercise. Or that other pang when we say we were late because of traffic when, in reality we just didn’t leave early enough. You know when you are not being honest with yourself, where you aren’t living up to your own standards, and it affects your motivation.

Make today the day you get honest and ask yourself:

  • What’s my true potential?
  • Am I spending time on activities that really fuel my goals and purposes?
  • What are the things I must do to make me better, stronger and more capable for providing for myself my family and my business?
  • Where do I need to be more disciplined?
  • Can I make more calls/service customers better?

Be sure to get honest about the different categories of your life. Look at each and apply these questions. Then get going. You’ll be motivated to tackle the unfinished cycles and accomplish more. Honesty is always the best policy and it always begins with you.

Be great! Nothing else pays.

FEAR Costs You Income

Has fear ever gotten the best of you? Has it kept you from calling on a client, investing money in your company, spending money on your branding and expansion? Has fear ever kept you from taking some risk and getting to the NEXT level?

In my 20′s I was broke and busted, had little direction, and had no idea what I was going to do with my life. Worst of all, I was afraid… and this fear was consuming me. Even into my 30′s after I had started to find my way, fear continued to torture me in business and in life.

This thing called fear causes millions of people to end up stuck in their lives, not fulfilling their potential. During the lowest times of my life, most people I consulted with or confided in about my situation wanted me to take medications to get myself better and handle my fears and insecurities. I didn’t like this option for me. It just didn’t feel right.

I had used drugs and they never seemed to make me more secure, certain, or confident.

Not one thing I have been scared of was as threatening as I had imagined it to be.

The only thing that I have found to truly handle my fears has been action. Doing the very things I was scared of made me stronger and more confident. Without exception, not one thing I have been scared of was as threatening as I had imagined it to be.

I was being faked out by fear and I’ll bet you are too. Look, your success or lack thereof is all tied up in how you handle fear. Do you learn of an opportunity and then list reasons why you can’t pursue it? Do you look to other outside obligations and people to blame for keeping you stuck? I guarantee you, you’re afraid. I know fear very well. I still get afraid but these days, I WANT to get a jolt of fear. When you use fear as fuel, you become strong, clear and driven. You start to look for things that make you scared.

So here’s how to start facing your fears and grasp the effect they have on your success.

  1. Write a list of your goals.
  2. Then write a list of what you fear.

You’ll then see on paper, right there in your handwriting, how your fears are the walls between you and accomplishment.

Assume all responsibility for why you are not moving forward. It’s fear! You’re being faked out by it. You want more money, more freedom, and more goodness in your life? Face your fear.

Get the sledgehammer and start hammering at them one at a time. It’s rough. I went through it. You’ll get your fears handled one by one. Trust me on that. When you do what you fear, you’ll notice opportunity coming your way and why? Because, when you can handle the fear, you can handle success. More wins start to come for every brave step forward you take. C’mon, you got this. Use fear as a great motivator!

Today, I know so much about fear that fear is scared of me.

Be great! Nothing else pays.