You Need Winners, Not Buddies

You Need Winners, Not Buddies - Grant Cardone - Strategy of the Week

Look, if I took your 5 best friends and looked at their health, their finances, and their marriage condition, I guarantee at least two of those would match your life condition. Probably your health, probably your financial condition, and probably the condition of your marriage.

You don’t need buddies around you, you need winners.

This is because people become who they are based upon who they hang out with. You walk into a bar and you see four or five bikers dressed alike, bandanas on, tattoos on their arms, drinking the same kind of beer. They probably make roughly the same income as well. They are friends because of common interest—buddies.

You walk into a senior level networking conference and you’ll see a bunch of people dressed alike, wearing impressive suits, hair clean-cut and maintained, drinking whatever they prefer. They probably make roughly the same income as well. They are there because of common interest—winning.

Which group do you want to be a part of?

When you think about improving yourself and having big, juicy new goals in life you don’t surround yourself with what’s comfortable or horizontal—you go vertical, you reach up. Black belts don’t learn from white belts. You must interact with people who are better than you at what you want to get better at. Their experience, wisdom and advice can improve yours. Seek relationships with those above you. Those in a place where you want to climb to.

One way to better yourself is to get in a group of winners that meet at least once a week—people that want to expand and become great, reaching up to their full potential. You need some way to connect with winners in life, the people that know more, have done more, have more, are creating more, and are dreaming more than you are. These people can teach you and be fuel for you to get to the next level.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is better than surrounding yourself with “buddies”. You don’t want to keep the same friends you’ve had your whole life. I had a friend tell me, “Me and Gus here, we’ve been buddies since we were 3-years old.” Dude, you’re complaining, right? You understand this is a problem—having childhood friends. Surround yourself with a mastermind group and hope that you outgrow them as quick as possible so you can go get another group of players.

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If the winners around you become buddies, you need to shift gears and reach higher.

Be great, and surround yourself with winners.


  • Amir Fmaster

    Great article !

  • Rocky

    Can you tell me why you are always trying to sell your readers something? Seems a little disingenuous, especially compared to other wealth blogs like Monty Campbell’s that don’t sell anything. I’m just suspect of someone always trying to get me to buy something.

    • Tony Bowers

      If you are in sales and dont understand this, then you need a new profession. He is a salesman, he made his wealth selling and he never stops. Im a car salesman and Ill guarantee you this. Everytime I talk to someone I work a sales pitch in somehow.

  • Renato Rocha

    Horrible article… No humbolt at all! No one needs another person to say who should they hang out with. There is feeling involved. And you should stay where you feel good, otherwise you will never be successful. Besides, who said you can’t learn from white belts. They will always have a different perspective and so, can teach you something. What is fact here, is that the writer of the article will never be a black belt…

  • C. Fassbender

    First group. Those bikers will die for one another; the corporate stiffs will slit each others throats to level up.

    • Eric S.

      Whether they will try to kill each other or die for each other is irrelevant, if u want to better yourself, you have to try to hang out with people(even your enemies) who are better than you.

    • Tony Fassbinder

      First off, are you related to Tom Fassbender? The guy from making a murderer? People ask me that all of the time and I’m like, “Dude, not even the same last name!” You sir, however, do have the same last name……..are you?
      Second, bikers betray each other all of the time over drugs, women, and money. Don’t think for one second that bikers are all loyal to each other, because they’re not. They may have a mutual respect, but they will slit each other’s throats just like the corporate stiffs. The point Uncle G is trying to make, is you want to be rich, hang with rich people. You want to be mediocre, hang with mediocre people.

    • Noah

      Plus, it appears they’re doing what they actually want to.

  • Ryan Barnett

    Grant – If I am already on CardoneU daily and want to get with the 52 week Mastermind group, How do I go about it ? ? ? ? Brad Lea does not look happy for a man that may buy your 365GC bird.

    • Noah

      Odd, if this is real, leaving a purchase just hanging.