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  • I am just calling to thank Grant. I caught the show last night and I’m absolutely blown away. I was in a slump at work, just totally unmotivated and no desire to push forward until I saw Grant work his magic. This morning, I’m already stealing Grant’s techniques and I’m SO pumped. Please thank Grant. He’s amazing and I’m looking forward to watching more of the show!
    Gary Hailes

    Gary Hailese

    Internet Sales Manager,
    Pikeland Motors

  • I really enjoyed your first episode. Upbeat, extremely motivating. I’ve enjoyed your sales techniques for several years. 85 closes is still a standby training refresher! Thanks!
    Diana Wade

    Diana Wade

  • I just wanted to congratulate you for the fantastic job you do everyday with your videos, inspirational little tweets and of course all your materials. Every time I see one of your videos it gives a huge boost of energy to continue following my dreams and be successful in life. Again, thank you for your great attitude about life, your solutions to every problem and your great daily work. Keep the good work!
    Patrizia Napier

    Patrizia Napier