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Hundreds of powerful ways to close a deal at your fingertips.

The Close the Sale App was designed specifically by International Sales Training Expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author, Grant Cardone, to give sales professionals quick access to exactly what it takes to close the deal; sales closing techniques to close any type of buyer in any situation at any time.

This state-of-the-art design is filled with incredible closes that are proven to work with the modern-day buyer. It covers every situation from, “I need to think about it,” to “price,” “affordability,” “budget,” “third parties,” “terms,” “payments,” “down payment,” “difference,” “the economy,” “never make rash decisions,” and every conceivable stall you will ever hear is covered in Grant’s “Close the Sale” App.

This is guaranteed to make you a MASTER negotiator and closer. Most importantly, the content is made available to you ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and all in the the palm of your hand.

CLOSE THE DEAL! This app will make you a MASTER negotiator and closer.

The closes are broken down into 12 specific categories exactly as the objections come to you so that you can easily pull up the appropriate close for the exact situation.

If you’re in the sales profession, are a sales manager, or negotiating contracts of any kind, your ability to get the job done relies on your ability to close a deal.

This app is a must-have that will help give you the confidence to know that you can handle any customer in any situation and CLOSE THAT DEAL.

  • Video Tips on Closing The Sale
  • Motivational Videos
  • Over 300 Specific Closes
  • 12 Categories of Closes
  • The Basics of Closing
  • Art and Science of Closing The Sale
  • The 10 Reasons Closers Fail
  • The 20 Rules of Closing The Sale
  • Objections to the Close

  • Never have that blank stare of discomfort as you rummage through the dark corners of your mind frantically trying to figure out what the magic words are going to be that get this guy to say YES! If you don’t have and use this app, you’re loosing money. Period.

    David Bradley

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  • Thank you Grant for making all your knowledge of selling available to so many people who need this type of training. I was in the car business for 16 years. I’ve attended Cardone Group training. I just recently bought the Entrepreneur Package and this Close the Sale app. By far the best sales training money can buy! Keep doing what you do Grant! There are too many salespeople out their that need a little Grant Cardone in their life to push them to their potential!


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  • The closes in here are spot on! Just a few of them will likely land you hundreds of dollars of revenue. Master them and watch your closing ratio skyrocket. Closes available for every situation and concern. Get it now and make some money!


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  • Selling is a way of life: this app is a must have for anyone from any background who is serious about leading a successful life/career.

    Buffalo iPhone

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