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Sell or Be Sold
The turning point of my sales career is when I came across Grant Cardone. Reading his best seller really changed my sales in a months time.
Asmita Mestry
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Hey grant I might not be in sales anymore but I still use what I’ve learned from you on daily basis!!! By the way, I’m doing excellent!!! The best training I’ve ever been to was yours in Sacramento, CA back in 2005 with Tracy Toyota! Changed my life forever!!!
Gary B
Grant is really motivating – my team loves him. We all preach “lean on the pen” since going to his seminar.
Lisa Phair
Regional Portfolio Manager / Waypoint Residential | Management Services
I will make $310,000 this year because of Grant Cardone’s books, audio’s and video programs.
James Duerbeck
Hello Mr. Cardone, My name is Audrey Green. Funny story, I believe you actually know of my father Todd Green from Springfield Illinois and the Green Family Stores. I’m 20 years old and I recently moved from Illinois to Newport Beach, California. I work at both a Lamborghini dealership and a McLaren dealership. I grew up in the car business in the Midwest and have worked in a dealership since I was 14. I’m telling you these things because I’m currently sitting on a flight to meet my family in Naples, FL and I’m listening to your audiobook “Sell or Be Sold” and I just finished chapter one and I’m blown away already. After previewing multiple books your enthusiastic voice stood out most to me. I couldn’t be happier I bought your book. I want to move up in the dealerships into sales, preferably McLaren and that is definitely a possibility in the future. I’m looking for as much sales guidance and practice as I can get before I reach that point. I found your book on iTunes before my dad told me he knew you. When I found that out I was shocked. What a funny coincidence? I also just recently became involved in a company called MODĒRE. It’s a lifestyle brand that is running it’s course through social retail and social marketing. Anyways, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I enjoy your work and I’m really motivated by your audiobook so far and the great things my dad has said about you. Best Wishes
Audrey Green