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Get the Sell or Be Sold Book and Audio CD Program

If you’re looking for the secret of success… if you want success in life, success in business… read this book!

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Learn Why Selling is Vital

In Sell or Be Sold, you will learn why selling is as vital to your survival just as much as food, water, and oxygen.

This book will give you very simple concepts that you can use confidently and successfully to sell others on yourself, your ideas and your products. Herein you will find step-by-step success strategies and effective sales techniques to prosper in ANY economic condition.

Successful Strategies

Take a close look at any person with success in business or success in life, and what do you find? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what successful people know or don’t know?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew all of those success strategies and more? For instance, if you knew the universal formula of negotiations, you’d be more successful, right?

Move Toward Your Goals

You could then take any area of your life from where you are now, decide where you want to be, and realistically move toward your goals one-by-one!

You’ll have the critical points you need to know to ensure your dreams become a reality and get what you want, and deserve, NOW!

Change Your Income Potential Overnight!

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • How do I survive during these tough economic times?
  • How do I gain success in life if I’m not a sales person?
  • Is now the right time to make a new move?
  • I’m thinking about making a move, but is this the right time?
  • Why can’t I close deals while my competition can?
  • What more can I do when my prices are already so low?
  • How do I keep my staff motivated?

There are many, many hard-hitting tips and success strategies that work in LIFE and in SELLING your way out — to achieve greater income, success in life, success in business, and personal fulfillment – get Sell or Be Sold!

It’s time to change your life, your income, and your future!


  • The 85 Closes and Grant Cardone LIVE are a huge help. I listen to them non stop everyday and my attitude about selling has completely changed in the last month. I’m more confident and love what Grant preaches.
    Billy McDade

    Billy McDade

    Internet Sales Manager,
    Pikeland Motors

  • Your products and services are far superior to anything out in the market! You inspire, motivate, and change peoples lives! Thank you for all you do!
    Donny Wilson

    Donny Wilson

    General Manager,
    Pete Powersports

  • With your help and and wisdom, I am living my dream and everyday I get closer to putting more and more ideas together on it to make it work.
    Joel Curto

    Joel Curto

    Internet Sales,
    Cox Chevy/Mazda

  • Grant Cardone, thank you. It’s a great partnership that we have and I am proud to say that because of you and your product we are getting better everyday!
    Kenan Pyeatt

    Kenan Pyeatt

  • As an employee of Lithia, I’d like to personally thank you Grant. You’re material has broken me of a middle-class, just enough mindset. In addition to your virtual training I’ve purchased 3 of your books and I get something from all of them. You’ve moved me beyond just sales training and taught me to change my complete mindset. Thanks again and keep ballin’!
    Shane Davis

    Shane Davis

    Sales Consultant,
    Lithia Toyota of Abilene

  • Inspiration at it’s best! I applaud your approach and am grateful to your teachings. Grant’s videos, CDs and teaching materials have made me what I am today… Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Bryan Webster

    Bryan Webster

    Sales Consultant,
    Keyes Cars