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Real Estate Sales & Partnerships / Frank Ball Realty & Acquisitions
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Sales Manager / Schimmer Chevrolet Buick
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Kristina Boudaeva
I naturally want things to come to me, so when it comes to selling my approach has been somewhat passive. As I've read Sell or Be Sold, I've been energized and by it to be more aggressive and to think of it more intentionally. Two weeks since starting the book.. this morning I sold my largest website yet, and I do think the energy and info in the book helped. Thank you.
Tim Brown
Web Designer / Tim B Design LLC
2 years ago, I bought the audio book "The 10X Rule" by Grant Cardone. Skeptical at first, it didn't take long for me to realize its message was exactly was I needed to hear. It was as if Grant Cardone was speaking directly to me and commanding me to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. And I did just that. This year, I will earn over $250,000 and am one of the top producers in my division, even though this is only my first full year at this position. It's humbling to me, especially because 2 years ago, shortly before I bought "The 10X Rule", I was fired from a company for lack of production. I've since read/listened to "10X" at least half a dozen times as well as "The Closer's Survival Guide" and other books. Grant's impact on my life has been immeasurable. I'm so grateful for his commitment to the success of others. Thank you, Grant!
Kenneth O'Brock
Salesperson / Beazer Homes
SUCCESS STORY Grant, Using your books, social media, CardoneU (for veterans) the millionaire webinar and the millionaire booklet I have totally flipped my outlook on life and supercharged my motivation. I have applied the techniques you have codified and in 8 months went from someone who had $750 in my savings account to $17,780.37. My target for this year is $52,000 and a million dollars by July 2020. Its incredible. It actually takes less effort to do things this way, as I am energized by wins and gains daily. ITS LIKE ROCKET FUEL! I realized that this mentality is not something new for me, its just a whole lot more of what I already was. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you, and you better pick up the phone when I make that "I made my first million" phone call. ARC Jamie
Jamie Rossi
We hired Paul at 20yrs old and he came from the restaurant industry. I don't have the patience for sales training and after a week I wanted to fire him. I decided to watch a video in COD and it talked about patience with your people. I took him off of the floor for 3 weeks to learn product knowledge and dive into Cardone training. He's now been here for 7 months, watches videos everyday, and is our top sales man. Everyone else goes to him for help on everything, as a gift we just sent him to Georgia for Grant's training and it was the best day of his life.
Sales Manager / Hellbender Harley Davidson
I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to take the time to say a HUGE thank you. I just got the audio version of the 10X rule and I was so happy to hear that it was you speaking on the audio. This past week was horrible as far as trafic to get to work is concerned! But... I got out of it with a 10X kick in the A**!!! and THAT is why I no longer mind the trafic! I learn all the time! I am launching a web program in french to help people who are in a job search. I have some super amazing stuff. I will market the hell out of it. 10X all the way! Last fall, I launched a e-book. I did get some decent results, but no 10X stuff! I sold 53 e-books with a list of 1500 people. Now I learned, I'll 10X my marketing and tell everybody what I do!!! I'll be translating this course to English and will definitely hit the US and English side of my wonderful country! I just started my e-mail list in English. I have no clue how to make it a HUGE success with a short name list. I'll commit and figure it out later! THANKS AGAIN!
April was excellent - BEST in 8 years!!! We have also had the best quarter in 8 years!!! One of the major changes that we made was to implement the GCU & 10 X….. all the way J! Thanks Grant and THANX to all the staff who support Grant!
Sales Manager - Property Consultant / Alet Ollemans
Hope all is good! Quick success story. From 2014 (when I learned about you) until today, I have increased my income from 24k to over 75k and shooting for 125k in 2016 in strictly career income. I do commercial insurance in the real estate market. I am on Cardone U and stream your audios and books 24/7. The wife used to get annoyed, but I have seen a huge turnaround from her in the last 6 months. Between the two of us we will make 175k + this year. We are light years ahead of where we were and we thank you for all that you do!
Michael Costanzo
Commercial Insurance
I'm the combat veteran that busted up his foot a month ago and kept selling in a wheel chair I sent you a pic. I'm still in pain hurts like hell but I keep pushing when it hurts I look at my bracelet you can see me wearing it in the pic I'm the big Puerto Rican on the left. I moved from Puerto Rico 8 months ago were I had no water no lights because my sales were so off and I had fallen behind I spent one of my last few dollars on your 10x audio book I never looked back after that I now own part of this store and I make between 10-15 k a month plus I was able to get my pension with my 10x thinking and got my VA pension for my injuries from Iraq War. Thank you uncle G for letting God use you to change lives.
Jorge Rios
Combat Veteran
I just wanted to tell you that Since I discovered you about 8 months ago my life has completely turned upside down. I went from selling 0 homes for a builder in 5 months to selling 9 in the first quarter. All because of the things that I have learned from you. It has given me confidence, as well as the ability to create a better life for me and my soon to be wife. Thank you Uncle G!
Jacob Murray
Sales Professional / Rausch Coleman Homes
Since October 2015 I am following on all social networks. Have read all your books, participate on webinars and will get your GC university in the next weeks. I am from Germany and immigrated to the US in 2014. I want to say thank you for opening my eyes, for believe in my own potential which I used only 50%. For me you are the best motivater and sales person I've ever heard. I don't want to be average anymore. I want to be successful in every way. Thank you Grant and God bless you and your family.
Sascha Menesi
VP Business Development /
I combined 3 strategies that I learned from Grant and implemented them over the weekend, and had over 2,500 subscriptions per hour. I acquired over 60,000 new subscribers in 48 hours, and still have them coming in. It usually slows down a bit after the weekend, but Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday will see an "uptick" in signups again.
Ernest ODell
I started with Cardone University 2 weeks ago. After studying The Price Myth, I was able to bring back a client we lost to a cheaper competitor, that will be worth over $60,000 to our company this year.
Adam Schroeder
Sales & Marketing Manager / Distillata
I have been sharing my experience with everyone I know and have had many friends and coworkers go “like” your stuff and even buy books. Again, I appreciate the time you took to talk and share some life and business stories. You have done so much to help me in my life I truly am blessed. I would love to give back. I would be honored to help spread the word and make sure everyone knows Grant Cardone as well as listens. That's all it takes. Listen to your teachings and use them. Don't question them, or try to tweak it, just do it. I am living proof. I've read all of your books, as you know, and my business quadrupled after moving to south Florida with nothing but $200 bucks in my pocket and a dream! I made the biggest pay check in my life thanks to the Closer’s Survival Guide. Period. I would love the opportunity to help you and work with you, for free. I live in WPB and know there is a big untapped market that needs some 10X thinking in their life! Let me know any way I can help and it will be done. No questions asked!
Brian Fairweather
Grant, with your help I’m going to have to hire more staff. We are running out of room to book people at my LB Music School. This is going to be a crazy year!
Lauren Bateman
Thank you so much for you and your 10X team. I made a goal in January to bust $1,000,000 in sales. I wrote it down on my goal board to reach at least that in Hearing Aid sales. (Set it really high to keep my hustle going thinking I would get some of that!) THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Our business that my father started 16 years ago has had up to 12 hearing aid fitters at once between several locations and we never busted $900,000 COMBINED! It's just me fitting the hearing aids now and with only ONE location now and busted that $1,000,000 in sales for the first time in the business' history. Top selling clinic in the city now! I was hustling hard while in school. I got licensed this year and after that decided to get serious about sales. Luckily found you and all your hustlers and now it has changed my life. You said numbers that end in zero are fake but I want you to know I passed $1,000,000 and am not done with the year yet! I listened to the 10X Rule as I traveled and all my free time. Next was Sell or be Sold and the Closers survival guide. I recently enrolled in the Cardone University and it as paid for itself in just a few days in commission checks. Looking forward to training with you all year long in the University! I just want to thank you again and tell anyone who is on the fence to pull the trigger and invest in everything you have. It pays for itself fast with their self investment. You are the best of the best. 10X the World Grant!
Austin McGee
Love you Uncle G and loving Millions in Business/Tarkenton School of Business! Thanks for the positive change you have brought to MY life! I was named Central LA's top 20 influencers under 40, I sit on the board of 2 non profits, and I just left a multi-billion dollar organization in which I was the number sales rep in the nation 20 of my last 24 months! You were a big part of that !
Danny Higdon
President / Revive Medical Devices
Grant, Thank you for making it easy for me to invest in Cardone University. I have been in professional sales for going on 19 years. I read all of the books, attend seminars online and in person and have all my selling life. I even met Zig Ziglar and was under Tom’s wing as a speaker and trainer myself back in the 90s for a Network Marketing Company. A whole lot of life has happened since entering the field in 1996. I took 9 years off to raise a family and going back into the work force has been hard. I have had to learn everything all over again. I even had to start my own company because I couldn’t find one in my chosen field that I could be fully proud of and engaged in. I have been looking for an organized sales training system for 3 years after realizing I just don’t know what I am doing any more when it comes to selling and every sale I make is pretty much luck when it should be science. I am going through and following the program as if I know nothing, and you know what? I am learning a lot. I live in a community where the art of selling is engrained in our culture. Sales and success principles are even taught in our public schools. I read somewhere that there are more 1099 sales people per capita in the city I live in than in anywhere else in the country. Just about everyone I know personally and professionally would find value in this program and I will be sure to recommend it to them. Although it’s a sales culture, it’s hard to pick apart all there is to selling successfully on your own. The Zig Ziglars and Jill Konraths of the world are helpful and valuable, but your video training is what will really turn around my 2016 and beyond. Thanks again
Heather LaValle-Tumbleson
President / Athena Resource
Grant I wanted to send you a quick thank you for your over delivering of life changing content. I live in Tampa, I was a real estate investor for 8 great years and took my eye off the prize for last 6 years. I made the decision 2 months ago I was going to take my life back and build my business again. I believe God works in my life because at the same time I found your live stream and info. It is such a refreshing breathe to have your continued positive and motivating materials!! I am so jacked about my future!Thanks again.
Jon Bates
Grant, I bought 10X Rule on August 3rd, 2014. I had nothing at the time! I got on the Grant Cardone education plan and binged on all of your work. Fast forward 1 year and 3 months: • I have a booming service business with 2 employees • I'm more motivated than ever • New Porsche 911 • $100k+ job in the internet industry in addition to my business • Crazy work ethic - I get ahead with 3AM to 10PM workdays THANK YOU! I am so thankful for all your materials.
Andrew Lee
Thanks for all uncle G! Since I started reading Sale or be Sold, my sales increase 100% from one month to next one.
Mario Ferreras
I own a full service audio visual rental company in Miami that services luxury hotels, conventions, business professionals and social events with more than 25 years of local experience. (We rent equipment such as: wireless microphones, projection screens TVs, computer projectors, professional sound systems, podiums, and much more) Some of our happy clients include: The Setai Luxury Hotel, Bacardi, Ocean Sky Resort, Facebook, Florida East Coast Industries, Brooklyn Brewery and endless more. After hearing and implementing your 10X, and using your 10X planner on a daily basis, we have become more efficient, increasing goals from 27 blog posts of service we offer in one year, to our new goal of 270 for next year, content links on our website to 10X the amount, increasing our vision to add 10X the amount of rental inventory we offer and even greater in quality. On personal note, I am swimming laps every day, exercising more, I just finished my first book written by two Harvard professors and on to the next book written by a Wharton business professor to 10 X my mind and thoughts. Thanks Grant, the key to the awakening, was when I did your “10X Everything Exercise”. I can assure you, I will have many many more 10 X success stories coming up! I look forward to your continued 10 X success and wish you, family and your team only the very best!
Carlos Ugarte
I listen to Grant on the drive to work every morning and it keeps me sharp, motivated, and laser focused. I come from a background that the world says it's impossible to come back from. But, through not taking "No" for an answer and applying massive amounts of action coupled with massive thinking I have risen to a six figure income in my first year in the car business with no prior experience. In addition, I have written and published 3 books and I have been blessed with a new existence that demands respect and is filled with integrity. All of this after prison and with a record. Who says it can't be done? I know someone who says IT CAN. thanks GC!
John Zoller
Finance and Sales Manager / The Car Center
In Feb 2014, I was looking for some phone training videos on YouTube and ran across Grant when he was promoting a TV Show in the U.K. He sat down with his sales team and took over phone calls that they were on to help close the transactions they were involved in at that time. I was so impressed with this I started to do some more research that eventually lead me to his website... I signed up for the first "Millions On The Phone" webcast last April, purchased materials and the rest is history... thanks Grant for doing what you do by helping the little guys grow up and be real salesman and closers!! I am PROUD to call my self a sales person and by committing first and taking massive action, I have more than doubled my income. 2014 Sales: $390,298.00 Gross Revenue at $84,742.00 in Gross Profit 2015 Sales: $458,374.00 Gross Revenue at $151,626.00 in Gross Profit That's a 79% increase in 2015 so far over last year 2014. I have 10X'd my business with the help of the books, audio and training materials I've purchased form Grant Cardone. I am now also running 2 miles a day to improve my health and gain more energy on the advise of Mr. Orion Grove and hitting my daily target of 50 phone calls a day. Thanks so much to all of you for your support!!
Don Piper
Freight Source
Re watching the 10X Seminar. It was almost instantaneous for me after I read the 10X Book. Every facet of my life improved and quickly. I just made last month what Previously took me 6 months to accumulate. You da man, Grant!
Greg McIntyre
Love YOU! Making 10x a lifestyle and was the only person on my sales team to get 100% to goal for all 3 of our products! Small step but seeing the rewards of 10xing fast. Must. Keep. Going.
Macy Miller
Mr. Cardone, Just from reading and following the principles and knowledge you imparted in "The 10X Rule," I have increased my closing rate 200%, and decreased my excuse-making 100%. My wife Victoria and I have also pledged to NEVER limit the imaginations and dreams of our children. You've seen our daughter Leona on cameos with us...we promise to never, ever tell her to "be realistic" or "stop fantasizing." We want to 10X our life so she and our future children will be EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL than their parents. God Bless, and I'm looking forward to the webinar. Be Well, Be AWESOME! James Garlin
James Garlin
Hello from Finland! I just want to thank you guys! I found Grant`s videos on youtube about six months ago & the first thing i bought was the how to make millions on the phone seminar. I bought it because I have always hated cold calling and prospecting. Funny because i have made a living in sales for 15 years. I started a new job at the same time as when i bought the seminar. Now i love making cold calls. I make ten every day and get 3-5 appointments in my calendar. The seminar took my game to another level. I bought sell or be sold after the seminar, and the motivation it gave me was huge. Now i am reading 10x rule. Thank you so much for your wisdom Grant. In the future, I will be buying all the seminars and books you have released. My future goal is to someday shake your hand Grant. Thank you what you have done for me so far and what your teachings will do for me in the future.
No one can convince me grants wisdom doesn't change people's lives! I'm proof.
Dirsken Studios
The turning point of my sales career is when I came across Grant Cardone. Reading his best seller really changed my sales in a months time.
Asmita Mestry
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mr. Grant Cardone,

I have read your books and now get them in audio. I like the audio much better because it’s more intense, your energy is 10X!! I recently moved from California to Nashville, Tennessee with the goal to build my PHP business. I’m currently working for Lexus (in car sales) and for Men’s Warehouse (I hustle!!). Thanks to your books I have created an attitude of Whatever It Takes mentality. Now I’m working on building a massive pipeline in a new city and ready to take my income to the next level. Thanks to your books, videos on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to you and ALL of your team! #WITNation

Marketing Director / The PHP Agency
Hey grant I might not be in sales anymore but I still use what I’ve learned from you on daily basis!!! By the way, I’m doing excellent!!! The best training I’ve ever been to was yours in Sacramento, CA back in 2005 with Tracy Toyota! Changed my life forever!!!
Gary B
Grant has helped me a lot. I use his material religiously and my sales are improving so much. I have developed a unique technique to selling thanks to Grant. Thank you!
Kevin Jones
Sales Consultant / Premiere Nissan
The live Skype call with Grant was awesome. He got everyone fired up and thinking about all the opportunities they have. When we came back down to the showroom there was a buzz. I really appreciate Grant taking the time to do that for us. It was a success!
Steve Waersch
General Manager / Pohanka Chevrolet
I have read all of Grant’s books and they have all been a huge support to me. I wanted to thank Grant for writing these books that help new sales guys like me out there.
Muhammad Munawar
Sales Engineer / Avenir Technologies FZE
After getting your 10X audio book, I was so impressed; I have now listened to all your Grant Rants, as well as almost all your Sunday radio talks on YouTube. You are the real deal. It is so kind of you to put them up for free for people like me to listen to. Every time I listen to you, I get jacked, pumped, and motivated to improve myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you teach and your inspiration.
Derek Chew
Real Estate Sales
The 10X Rule book has changed my life!!! One of the best books I have read and feel is applicable in my everyday life.
John B. Hart Jr.
Co-Chairman / Hart Group LLP
Good morning, I just finished my first month back and with the training I received I sold a total of 17 cars. I was an 8 car a guy salesman before I left. My family and I are truly grateful we decided to go through with this training. Worth every dollar!!! Thanks for everything!!!
L.C. Caside
Mediocrity, status quo… what’s the point? Slowest killer of passion is just that. “life begins at the end of your comfort zone…” Love your post.
Leanne Walter
Grant Cardone is the man!!! I’ve learned a lot from you, and I’m so thankful that a co-worker of mine introduced me to your wisdom! I have purchased just about everything that has your name on it, and I can see a serious change in my bottom line since then! I will continue to read and watch your methods! Your a huge inspiration!
Zack Brown
I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Cardone! I’ve been working for a car dealership for a year, making calls for salespeople and getting them clients in to sell to! Then a fantastic amazing GM takes over, Mr. Tim Roussell and all of a sudden I’m selling cars! I was over the moon, Mr. Cardone’s training was introduced and bam!!! I’m hooked! This is a lifestyle not a job, not a hobby! My husband is military and away a lot, I have something to make HIM proud! So thank you! Any extra advise would be amazing? Have a wonderful night to you all and again, thank you!
Dinny Hirschl
Grant Cardone… one of these days I’m going to be able to personally thank you over the phone for everything you’ve done. I required my production company team members to read Sell to Survive, The 10X Rule… and now we’ve just ordered The Closer’s Survival Guide… OH, and we closed an investor for $125,000.00 to fully finance our next project this morning… When do I get to talk to you?
Nathan Reid
Too funny! I just jumped on here to take a break from doing client estimates I need finished and not wanting to do. Then I see this. Been a few other times I have seen something you posted and I saw that directly applied to me at that moment! Almost creepy.. lol!
Abby Militzer
Grant, I had to message you and tell you THANK YOU! Earlier this week you sent out an email about “Sacred Cows”. This email could not be more perfect for what I’m dealing with! I work for a Chevrolet Buick dealership in Northeast Ohio as a sales manager. I’ve been working for Bob Serpentini for 11 years now this July. He recently offered me a GSM position at a dealership is currently purchasing in South Florida. I have to tell you it is a BIG decision to walk away from what we built at my current dealership!! Its not like I live a bad life right now. I’m making more money than I ever have and its going to keep going up! Its a lot to leave for something thats uncertain. After talking to Bob, the owner, I decided no I couldn’t walk away from this and it just wasn’t the right time. However, after telling him that for 2 days, I couldn’t sleep. I kept questioning my decision. Did I make the right choice? Is it the right time? What will I be up against? All kinds of questions going thru my head. So I get this email I think Thursday morning about “Sacred Cows,” as I’m reading it, I was stunned at every thing it said, it directly related to me and what I’m dealing with! It was so freaky, I was looking for my bosses email address to be attached to it somehow! I thought he sent it to me. LOL! After reading it, I had to call him and talk to him more about the opportunity. It just makes sense. We cant live our lives in fear and “what if’s”, we need to take risks in order to be successful. If success was a straight narrow path, everyone would be successful! Needless to say, if the purchase of this dealership goes thru, I’m moving to South Florida! I thought I would share my story and let you know, all those little extra things you do each week, are affecting someone’s life. So please keep them going?! PS. I love The 10x Rule! Best book ever! Just so you know, I sent a hard copy to a girl by the name Lauren Murphy who works for Joe Verde! Ha! She likes it too. Just don’t tell Joe!
Chris Atkins
Serpentini Chevy
Hey Grant, I am new to the sales profession here at Bryan Honda in Fayetteville, NC. As you already know Tim has gotten us your on demand at the dealership and it is great! I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and God bless you and your family. I will hopefully earn a great customer base and serve them with dignity thanks to your training. I am going to predict earnings of over $100,000 for next year once my “rookie year” is over.
Michael Cuff
Bryan Honda Fayetteville
Not today! I started again in the car business for a great organization in Cincinnati, ohio. Jake Sweeney auto. NO one that has sat down at my desk, as of yet, has walked out without a car. Thank you Grant Cardone for all of your mentoring from afar. You along with many thought leaders have helped mold me into the customer service, closing machine I am and will continue to be humble, coachable and improve.
Ryan Owens
What’s up Grant?! Just writing to let you know that I have been doing the drills everyday and have seen huge results! I did not work the first two weeks due to a family vacation, but when I returned I put out 13 in two weeks and made over $10,000 in commissions. I must tell you that this training has been the greatest investment I have made in my life!!! Thanks again to your guy Steve for being persistent with me in the beginning when I wasn’t sure I wanted to this. Pressure makes Diamonds!!! I love it!!! Thanks again Grant.
Ludwign Caside
Hello Grant! Thank you for making the book The 10X Rule! After listening to the audio book for the SECOND time I am determined to apply these rules into my life to fully achieve my dreams through all your principles. I am not the success story yet but I woke up this morning after finishing the audio program at 2am last night fully committing to my duty. My four goals are:
  1. Become THE Action Sports Industry Mogul
  2. Discover my Dream Wife and Family
  3. Become a Millionaire by the Age of 25
  4. Have Coffee with Grant Cardone
As of today I am going to launch a few things I have been putting off because the Ready Fire Aim technique is something I’ve only done once in my life and it paid off immensely. As of December last year I am a proud board shop owner at the age of 24 because the market called my name, I committed and figured it out later! Reading this book was meant to happen in my life and I will make it my ethical obligation to create success! I even wrote myself a one million dollar check today, post dated for my 25th birthday, that’s my full commitment for goal three. Today I will take action on the other three, like emailing you and hoping we can discuss success over coffee! Your book made me stop and really look at conditions I am facing at this moment. Thank you for helping me create my footprint and motivating me to commit my life to success! Hope to hear from you soon!The quote that hit me like a ton of bricks: “When you, your family and your company begin to approach success as a responsibility and an ethical issue, than everything else will immediately start to shift.” Today is my shift!
Billy Hanke Jr.
Grant is really motivating – my team loves him. We all preach “lean on the pen” since going to his seminar.
Lisa Phair
Regional Portfolio Manager / Waypoint Residential | Management Services
Ever since I’ve downloaded The 10X Rule, my income has shot through the roof! Just last week I made almost 15k in revenue knocking on doors selling home alarm systems in this freezing Chicago weather. I’m working on a project that I thought of that will turn into a 7 figure recurring income in less than 12 months. 10X!
Travis Stevens
The 10X Rule is something I apply to every area of my life every day of my life. It’s not just for the workplace, it’s for everyplace. Want to triple your income? Read this book.
Sheri Hamilton
I started watching sales tips on YouTube about 2 months ago and came to one of your excellent videos clips. I was so inspired here in South Africa – Cape Town I ordered the 10X Rule & waited patiently 4 weeks, desperately need to get hold of your audio to turn my driving time into learning time!! To compensate, now I’m playing your clips on my iPad on the way to work, GREAT way to start the day!
John Bougas
New Car Cales
I want to take a minute to tell you the impact that you and your teachings have had on my life. I came into the car business as a 23 year old with zero sales experience. I was the typical 90 day wonder. After 90 days I knew everything and my sales immediately went down. I struggled through the next several months. I was fortunate enough to attend your seminar in Salt Lake City in the spring of ’96. From that day, I can honestly say that things have never been the same. I committed 100% to your workbook, I practiced the wordtracks and 50 closes so diligently that my wife can recite them. I attended your seminar the next two years. I sat in the front row, first seat and absorbed every bit of information you gave. After the first seminar, I gave myself a $20,000 raise that year and similar increases from there on. After 3 years at that dealership, I was recruited to another store with potential for growth. After this change I was immediately put in charge of all sales training. Subsequently, in the next few months I progressed to the management level, I spent time as Finance Manager, Used Car Manager, New Car Manage, and was given my own store within two years. I ran this store for over 11 years and had one of the top rated CSI, sales accomplishment, and highest grossing stores in the company (108 stores at the time). In this time, I never once stopped using and teaching your wordtracks. 100% commitment. I have since been recruited to run a business in an entirely different industry and want to tell you that your wordtracks came with me. I continually preach and teach your words. With your teachings, I have been able to take a 63 year old company with a shrinking market and increase store sales by 42% and increase margin by 3% in the last 30 months. Grant, I just want to thank you for what you have done for me and my family. I know when I look back, I am a face in the crowd, but I appreciate where I am in life and the blessings I have and know that much of it is owed to you.
John Misner
Hey Grant, much love for you and your team, your training is the s**t buddy! I love it! It has taken my game to levels I’ve never seen! I just ordered my next book, 10X all the way, I’m all IN!!!
Robert Morgan
I just finished reading The 10X Rule. Anyone who wants to shave 20 years off of “life experiences” to know what you really need to do to win needs to read this book. I’m a pretty big thinker, but after that book I’m readjusting even bigger than before.
Dan York
I have finished The 10X Rule book and I just ordered the Closer’s Survival Guide book. I have a goal written down on my legal pad to never stop indulging in books. The reason I did not put a number on it is because putting a number on how many books I read puts a limit on myself! Knowledge is power when it comes to sales. I am inspired by your work and how you go about your business to take care of your family. “You can put all the effort you want into the sale, but if you do not close, you get nothing”! Family isn’t everything, taking care of my family is!
Ryan Burlison
About 45 days ago I called into Grant’s show. I noticed he was coming to Indy in a day or two and said something about wishing I had the cash for tickets. Been following him for a few months by this time. He ends up saying, “you get down there, we’ll hook you up”. Now, before I knew i was even getting in I committed to showing up. Money was tight and I hopped into the car to drive (castleton to Ben Davis) and realized i was on E, late too! I literally handed my the cashier every card I had in my wallet and said, “make it work.” I overdrafted a saving account and got $15 in gas. Well anyways he lets me into the seminar. It was awesome. Sat front row and really took it in. Wrote a check (no cash) to buy his books having faith some checks came in. Anyways. I left the seminar and over the next 10 days signed up over $30,000 in website sales. No one was even touching the cold market in web design. I literally have had so many web projects to build, I’m getting behind, expanding. Been flown out to denver, trips to chicago. It was just insane man, how fast everything turned around when I started selling.
Ian Golden
Grant, I have worked in several different sales positions over my career. I never learned the first thing about selling until I picked up your book, Sell Or Be Sold. It changed the way I do everything in my life and I’m finding the massive success I’ve been looking for. Thank you.
Steve Spray
In 2003, when I got in the car business we had no real training at my dealership. My first month I sold 3 cars, all half deals. My second was a little better and I was off and on for the first 6 months. Then Grant’s material entered the picture and I never dropped below 15 units. I was having 20 car months more often then not until I got into management. In 2008 when the economy crashed, it was the mindset and skills learned from Grant that kept me and my family going when the times got tough. While other sales people stressed about rent, not only I was covered, but didn’t have to compromise our current lifestyle one bit. I know it was what I learned from Grant that did that. In 2011 I came to work with Grant so I can have the privilege to pass this knowledge on. Since 2006, I have been writing my goals down every day and have realized many of them simply because of what I have learned here and from Grant. My wife and I live on the beach in a community I’ve wanted to live in since I was a little kid. My goals and dreams get bigger everyday. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
David Bradley
I listened to your 10X audiobook and felt energized. I had been in a rut and realized it was my own fault for not putting forth 10X levels of action. I am a musician and was struggling with why I couldn’t create enough, why I couldn’t get other musicians to play with and so on. After putting forth my 10X effort I suddenly found myself motivated and acquired 5+ musicians that were anxious to help me, I wrote a 12 track album in 2 weeks while working 50+ hrs 7 days a week at my regular job& while managing a family and then we went straight into the studio to record it without rehearsing once. Everyone thought it was crazy, but I was obsessed. Within 3 days we had all of our drums recorded and were planning to make some changes and record again. I didn’t anticipate the drummer leaving and it threw off the momentum. I snapped back into 10X mode and recorded the remainder of the album myself in just a week. I’m really happy with the outcome of 10X and now plan to take the promotion of this album to 10X levels and start working on the next one!
Mikol Gaither
On October 6th, I came across your YouTube video on 12 pointers on getting the ideal job. I really didn’t pay it much mind, because it was framed as a job seeker’s guide to finding a job, and I had a job. I had just watched a couple guys get canned at work. The boss told me I didn’t have to worry, there were financial hardships, but the change was to keep me on, and being their sales guy… they needed me. So, I dismissed the YouTube video which, on October 6th, I had stumbled across. On October 9th, the boss called me unto his office to tell me that he had done everything he could, but he was letting me go. Without hesitating, I called up and watched the video again, and immediately put it into action with a fury. The next morning, I got up at 4:00am, went to the gym and broke a mad sweat. I came home, had a good breakfast and then put on my pressed suit and hit the pavement hard. I didn’t wait for, I drove directly to the CEO’s office, put my resume in front of them, and them performed the demo, showing all the features and benefits if hiring me. I ran the pros and cons, (Ben Franklin close), I test closed (on a scale of 1-10, with ten being “your hired”, where are we on this). I did that like 10 times in one day. Within 39 hours I got the verbal offer, (meaning I need to hone my skills to shave 3 hours off my time). Grant, I don’t know what kind of voodoo you got going on, but I’m sold on your magic, bro. I wanted to write and say Thanks.
James D. Chamberlain
I have been a fan of Grant’s for years. I have all of his audio programs and just purchased The 10X Rule for my sales team. I also brought in the Success Jar to my dealership. Because of what I have learned from Grant, I just hooked up my dealership, Potamkin Hyundai in Miami Lakes, with the Cardone On-Demand program. I’m very excited about making Grant the personal success coach for my sales team.
Chris Hayek
Mr. Cardone, I wanted to write a quick letter to you and thank you for developing the training programs and processes that you have. I come from a real estate background and I participated in some great sales programs like BOLD and Ignite. However, your material is simple, to the point, and has helped me build on what I have learned. If you ever know of anyone looking to buy a new or used vehicle in Savannah, I would be more than happy to serve them. Have a great day and I look forward to more of your training. Sincerely, Johnathan Kenyon
Johnathan Kenyon
Coastal Chevrolet
I just recently started diving into your material. I found you on youtube and I’ve been diving into all of your stuff non-stop for the last couple weeks. I’m a 23 year old salesman and am outselling all the old guys in the company. I wasn’t satisfied with where I was at, and I’ve been using a lot of your closes from The Closers Survival Guide and it’s helped to take me from making $6,500 a month to making over $11,000 over the last 2 months. Thanks for the extra push to be better. I’m still not satisfied, and plan to keep closing like crazy and pouring over your material!
Shane Murphy
Grant Cardone and all his books and training helped me CLOSE this DEAL with Tom Crabtree of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!
Juan Flores
After reading Grant’s book, The 10X Rule, I flew from Las Vegas to Orlando to take his 10X Seminar. After attending the seminar I started to do things different in my life. Choosing to do “Whatever It Takes” my success skyrocketed and I never looked back. My conviction and commitment to selling, negotiating and closing the deal is stronger than ever. Thanks Grant!
Dave Robards
Grant Cardone’s On-Demand program is awesome! Grant is the real thing. Don’t be afraid to apply yourself and 10X like Grant does.
Andrew Carrillo
I will make $310,000 this year because of Grant Cardone’s books, audio’s and video programs.
James Duerbeck
Hey Grant, I went to one of your workshops years ago in the US. I am Canadian and love your stuff. I am currently averaging 31 cars a month at a Toyota store. I’ve been here for 17 years and watch your videos all the time. I am always learning. Thank you again. Your friend in the car business.
Marco Perrelli
Red Hill Toyota & Scion
INK conference in Houston boosted my confidence, my sales, and in the two months following DOUBLED my sales volume!
Taylor Toce
GRANT IS THE KING OF NEW AGE SALES! One of the big things I took from his audio books was asking for referrals before the sale was done. I recently ask a prospect for a referral. I just closed the referral for a larger package than I was pitching the original prospect. (I haven’t even closed the original prospect… yet). Thanks Grant!
David Reed
Internet Marketing Consultant / Surefire Social
Ok, I’m going to keep this long story short. I would never of done something like… write this before, but you have woken me up 3 days ago and I need my feet put to the fire. I have almost made it in business, was a pretender, etc. 2008 hit, and bam, have been going backwards since! Today wife is at Costco trying to figure out what we can afford to buy, turkey or ham! Enough! Going to take a job to get started and get this, counterpart will be my old customer service gal of my old company I had… ouch! I hit you and you responded today on twitter @Ironmandad (thank you) and it is my DUTY to get back on track at 50 with 2 young boys and wife counting on me! Here we go, let’s see how it goes with your help… God Speed 😉
Doug Dyer
Since I bought the Sell to Survive Book and Audio, I haven’t listen to my country music in weeks. (I know. Mexican and country music ha ha ha). Sell or Be Sold is the best sales guide I have ever owned.
Mauro Rodriguez
Ecommerce Director / CBS Quality Cars
This is my baby, my motivation. Just wanted to share with you how you helped me reach another level and what keeps us motivated. Enjoy your day!
James Duerbeck
Mr. Cardone – I hope this message reaches you well and in a timely fashion, but I’ll keep tweeting you to ensure you do see it within a week. I could write for pages about how much this article applies to me as a senior who is about to graduate from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, but I would rather write about how I am going to meet you in person within the next 365 days. Sorry if that comes off as too intense but I have learned that if I want to do well or even anything my in life then I need to see success not as an option, but rather as an obligation and (my personal favorite) DUTY. I have also learned to write down my goals every single day – I’m talking about my daily goals as well as my life long goals and no I don’t mean vague goals man, I mean goals that have time sensitive deadlines. Sometimes goals that only take 15 minutes to accomplish so I’m not wasting any of my time because it would just be downright unethical to waste my time or anyone else’s time man and I am working on being the most ethical person I know. If I did waste mine or anyone else’s time then I would have to SPRINT everywhere I go and I’m already running (brisk jog) everywhere I go because I don’t usually take breaks. IF I do then they’re only for 45 seconds so I can control my time. Man, I have been so busy lately because I do not have any ‘white space’ on my calendar and Grant it’s in part your fault! Yea sure I have no white space on my calendar but I’m sure as hell happy I finally read this article which a good friend sent me a month ago. He told me that I have to read it because it’s so applicable to my life right now and that his dad (best dude we both know) sent it to him. I’m sure you already know what I’m about to say next but I’ll tell you anyways – your 100 Ways to Stay Motivated has turned my life around. My friend’s dad referred to above helped me through a really hard time one year ago and he even recommended I check out these ‘Grant Cardone’ videos that he watches every morning. I’ll keep it real and be honest with you-I thought the idea of watching a minute long video every morning was the dumbest thing I had ever heard so it took me a while to actually watch just one. I’m glad I actually watched that first one because I haven’t stopped since and that was about 10 or 11 months ago. I have to tell you that the only reason I watched that first one was because I googled your name to try and figure out your real story and holy shit man, we share a pretty similar past. Anyways MSU is about to tip off in 1 minute against VT and I have to get out of this library so I can go watch it. Last thing I have to say is that I am going to do whatever it takes to meet you because one of your videos says to make a list of contacts that would change your life and out of the 5 suggested people, I could only come up with 2 names-yours and someone I can’t even remember now haha. Your videos have already changed my life but I haven’t even met you yet hence why I’m still at this library on a Friday night (9:26 EST here) writing. PS – it looks like you’re looking for a new name for the show. Here’s what I think it should be called – LISTEN. I was thinking ‘Just Listen’ but I like how short ‘Listen’ is so no one wasted their time saying two words instead of one.
Clint Warber
What’s up brother? I just want to take this time to say thank you to you and everyone at Cardone Sales Training!!!!! This year has marked a major change in my life from me being just average to someone who is looked at different in the eyes if everyone I know. With today being my last day here at the dealership and me reopening the company I closed a few years ago, I am confident in my new look on life and business abilities. There’s nothing out there I can’t do because I have the best tools at my disposal and that is everything in life revolves around selling and why compete when I can dominate!!! It’s time to take what’s mine and put these bitches out there misery!!! LC Caside is back and more powerful than ever! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and bless you and your family. Thanks again!
LC Caside
Special shout out to David Bradley and Cardone On-Demand!! Our store, Luther Brookdale Toyota sold a monster 50 cars on Saturday making our 2 day Black Friday total 77 units. Thanks for helping prepare our outstanding sales staff! FYI our dedicated staff watched an average of 3.8 segments per day, per salesperson. Dedication & commitment = SUCCESS!
Marco Bernini
Hey Grant! Just wanted to say that I have just listened to your audio book “The 10x Rule” through and I love it! I’m an animator/illustrator and my husband and I own two companies based here in New Zealand. I really enjoyed reading your book and found it entertaining and helpful. I also love the way that you make references to your family in the book too. I initially came across your videos on YouTube which led me to your book. I hope you make a visit to NZ one day 🙂 Take care, all the best to you, your family and team. Thanks for writing the book! 🙂
Dear Mr. Cardone, I want to thank you for all of the knowledge I have gained through reading The 10X Rule. I am an affiliate with a growing health and wellness business and after just 3 months of hard work, I was able to walk away from my full time job after just 3 months. Thank you again for everything! Keep killin’ it!!
Michael Tankersley
Grant, I personally want to take a moment now to Thank You very much for your contribution to the sales industry and assisting someone like myself. Tomorrow will be the first day in my new position as national field sales trainer for United Laboratories Inc. (We specialize in Earth Smart/Bio Based Chemicals) traveling to Sioux Falls, SD. I can honestly say since coming across your materials a year and a half ago it has played a major role in where I am at today. As Jim Rohn put it; ‘Work harder on yourself than you do on your job, you will have more value to the market place.’ And with your books I went from a measly $28k to my now $50k salary + commission position in one year. My goal this year is $120k and the sky’s the limit from there. I am 26 years old with no more than an associate’s degree, from a middle class family like yourself. I aspire to continuously 10X every aspect of my life and breakout of this mental prison called the middle class and you’ve certainly given me the key to the lock that I will be sure to spread throughout my trainings this year to others. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing all you have in store this year… P.S. Keep Cardone Zone going! I am a loyal follower/listener, great stuff!
Joe Dorazio
United Labs, Inc.
Hey Grant! This subject reflects exactly how I feel about this year and the rest of my life. I have been preparing for this since November, and now everything feels right and I have found a purpose with what I’m doing. My name is Stevan and I’m contacting you from South Africa, turning 21 in February. I started a career in sales and business in January 2013 for the telecommunications industry. I had a rough idea of what I was in for when I started because I had a friend who introduced me to this great position. With a fresh start and no skills, I didn’t even know how to cold call. My nerves were shocked with the first cold call, but I slowly started and made my first sale just after one month, with help I must admit. During the next 3 months I got not one sale. That’s when I stumbled on your material on YouTube (you broke through the noise as you have always preached). Now I realize what the past 8 months of learning have done for me. From setting goals to financial planning and prospecting, breaking through the noise and the amount of action that should be taken. I can list thousands of things that I have learnt, and now I understand what it means to truly care for the clients needs. I am focused, I have my goals, which are always under review and are at 10X. I’m excited by life and the success I will be leading with. Thanks and have a great new year!
Stevan Boskovic
I am a regular viewer of Cardone Zone and Young Hustlers, but I first came into contact with Grant when my Dad gave me his book for Christmas. My Dad said, “They won’t teach you this in business school: sales. No matter what you choose to go into you are selling in some way, and this guy has a lot of great lessons to share.” I finished The 10x Rule on that very day, and started following Grant throughout the rest of my college career. Here are three lessons that I have learned from him that helped me publish an Amazon Bestselling book at 21 years old. Hustle can overcome a lot of obstacles. I had never received an A in Grammar, nor have I ever proclaimed to be strong in the subject. I felt that I had learned a lot through trying and failing many times with internships, and that I had a lot of value to add to students looking to jumpstart their career during school. I followed Grant’s advice of staying the road and being persistent. I went through six cover designers, and had many naysayers saying that a college kid couldn’t publish a book. In your darkest times where you are close to quitting, keep putting one foot in front of the other. And not only that, step up your effort levels to push yourself to be better. Grant talks about setting the bar high and really driving towards that goals without making excuses. I wanted to write a book that helped the most students I possibly could, and I wanted to seek great mentors to guide me through the writing process. I knew writing my first book would be a long toil and I wanted some successful authors to reach out to for advice. I tweeted and emailed Grant several times and he responded with some amazing advice that has played a huge part in the books success. I think that is says a lot about Grant’s character that he took the time to respond to a stranger with advice. Thank you Grant! It all comes down to selling product. You could write the best book this world has ever seen, but if no one knows about it then help and enjoyment is brought to very few. I am still in the process of working on my marketing and sales efforts but Grant’s content online and in his books has helped me get the book into Universities and high schools as required reading, and they have seen a lot of success with it.
Carl Schlotman
Cash in Your Diploma
Hello Mr. Cardone, My name is Audrey Green. Funny story, I believe you actually know of my father Todd Green from Springfield Illinois and the Green Family Stores. I’m 20 years old and I recently moved from Illinois to Newport Beach, California. I work at both a Lamborghini dealership and a McLaren dealership. I grew up in the car business in the Midwest and have worked in a dealership since I was 14. I’m telling you these things because I’m currently sitting on a flight to meet my family in Naples, FL and I’m listening to your audiobook “Sell or Be Sold” and I just finished chapter one and I’m blown away already. After previewing multiple books your enthusiastic voice stood out most to me. I couldn’t be happier I bought your book. I want to move up in the dealerships into sales, preferably McLaren and that is definitely a possibility in the future. I’m looking for as much sales guidance and practice as I can get before I reach that point. I found your book on iTunes before my dad told me he knew you. When I found that out I was shocked. What a funny coincidence? I also just recently became involved in a company called MODĒRE. It’s a lifestyle brand that is running it’s course through social retail and social marketing. Anyways, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I enjoy your work and I’m really motivated by your audiobook so far and the great things my dad has said about you. Best Wishes
Audrey Green
You’re the man! I’m just going over your “Greats” characteristics. You say some greats succeed by being able to solve a problem without knowing their product or being able to sell… that’s what happened to the founders of Google. They found a simple solution to a problem and they think everything should be simple. You know what happens when you get in that mind set; someone will come out with a better solution. I had to cover up my No Negativity sign reading this one, but you hit the nail on the head. I’m very inspired by your success.
Edwin Schuman
Lithia Auto Stores
The books finally got in…it was held up in customs but arrived safely in “The Holy Land”.
Kenneth Blum
I’m a huge, huge fan, and I’ve been following your advice now for 6 months or so, we’ve “tweeted” back and forth a few times and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve turned on to your books and Cardone Zone shows. My wife says I should be working for you, but that’s another day, another discussion. LOL My 18 year old son Taylor, is graduating from high school this month and I’d like to get him something very special. I would love to give him a signed copy of the 10X Rule with a word or two of advice from the master himself – YOU. It would mean so much more to him coming from you, than me as a parent. I’s just the way it is with teenagers, one day you’ll know what I mean. J Yes, I currently own my personal copies of The 10X Rule (audio and hardcover), Sell or Be Sold (audio and hardcover), Sell To Survive, If You’re Not First, You’re Last and I even own the DVD Turnaround King – 2 episodes from Nat. Geo. Got a planner to pick up from the mailbox hopefully today. I’m also the guy that has taken nearly every “long” YouTube video of yours and converted it to mp3 so I can listen while I’m driving or exercising. This is part of my daily routine. DAILY. Hope to shake your hand and say hello to you someday, thank you so much for your consideration for my son and thank you for all that you do.
Jim Lewis
Dear Grant, I am pleased to know you and Steve Harvey have teamed up! The two of you share a lot in common. Both of you have struggled to get where you are and both have much wisdom to share. I hope spending time together will rev both your engines!! As always, thanks for the pep talk! I am trying to stand out in my new job to gain job security. I think I am achieving my goal. I had 16 special sales last week where everyone else only had 4 at most. I ask even the people who look like they don’t have money and they are grateful I took the time to explain the savings and they purchase! I see the other sales people just ignoring these individuals. I love to sell so I will talk to anybody who will listen. Thanks Grant for all you do for us.
Sue Hard
In one month, Cardone University took my already successful business to another level. After taking the courses, I am now at a point where I would think that it is criminal of me not to insist more people do business with me. It gave me the confidence to further go into the marketplace to create new opportunities for myself, all while sharing the content in a fun and engaging way.
Warren Cassell Jr.
Teen Entrepreneur, Investor & Author of Swim or Drown: Business and Life Lessons I've Learned from the Ocean
So without realizing it, my limiting beliefs were the main reason for my average performance. That’s where the “10X Rule” comes into play. Grant states that in order to get the very best out of yourself, you should multiply all your goals by tenfold. That way you’ll have to put 10 times as much effort in what you’re doing.
Wilco De Kreij
Thanks to your books, I learned to be unreasonable! Still very green and have a long way to go, but I learned something very vital tonight, be unreasonable! @jarrodglandt @grantcardone
Dalton Nicely